1 verb (intransitive, transitive not in progressive)
1 to see, hear, or feel something: He spilled the tea, but Miss Whitley did not notice. | notice sth/sb: You may notice a numb feeling in your fingers. | notice that: Catherine noticed that Isabella was restless. | notice who/what/how etc: He was too tired even to notice how hungry and thirsty he was. | notice sb/sth doing sth: Did you notice him leaving the party early?
2 be/get noticed to get attention from someone: a young actress trying to get herself noticed
2 noun
1 take notice (of) to pay attention to something or someone and let them affect or influence you: not take any notice/take no notice: I keep complaining but nobody takes any notice. | Take no notice of Henry - he's just being silly. | I hope you'll take notice of what I'm going to tell you.
2 ON PAPER (C) a written or printed statement that gives information or a warning to people: That notice on the wall says `No smoking'. | I'll put up a notice about the meeting.
3 WARNING/TIME TO PREPARE (U) information or a warning about something that is going to happen: These rules are subject to change without notice. | ten days' notice/three months' notice etc (=a warning ten days etc before): Either party may terminate the contract upon three month's notice. | at short notice/at a moment's notice (=allowing only a short time to prepare for something):: You can't expect me to produce a meal at a moment's notice. | give sb some notice: If they'd given me more notice, I'd have had everything ready. | serve notice formal (=officially warn someone that something is going to happen)
4 give sb notice
a) to tell someone that they must leave their job in a week, a month etc: They closed the factory, giving the workers only a week's notice.
b) to tell someone officially that they must leave the place they are renting by a particular date: give sb notice to quit/leave BrE: I've been given notice to leave my flat.
5 hand in/give in your notice to inform your employer that you will be leaving your job soon, especially by writing a formal letter
6 come to sb's notice formal (U) if a fact, problem etc comes to your notice, you notice it or find out about it: It has come to my notice that your account is overdrawn by -200. | bring sth to sb's notice (=tell someone about something): There are several important matters I'd like to bring to your notice. | escape sb's notice (=not be noticed by someone): It may have escaped your notice but your father is much too ill to travel.
7 until further notice from now until another change is announced: The office is closed until further notice.
8 BOOK/PLAY ETC (countable usually plural) a statement of opinion, especially one written for a newspaper or magazine, about a new play, book, film etc; review 1 (2): The new play got mixed notices (=some good, some bad) in the newspapers.
—see also: make sb sit up and take notice sit

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.


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